Soumith Chintala

Hi! I'm Soumith.

I am an AI researcher, engineer and community builder. I am currently at Meta and NYU, jumping between Engineering, Research and Leadership as I find convenient. I currently lead PyTorch and AI Infra-related things at Meta. These days I increasingly dabble with robots, at NYU. I specialise in machine learning platforms and generative models. For a longer version, read more about me.

Latest posts

PyTorch's design origins

its connection to Lua, its intertwined deep connection to JAX, its symbiotic connection to Chainer

Going down the history of PyTorch

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Decisions and Pivots

on PyTorch

a tweet-thread at the 5-year mark

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Growing open-source

from Torch to PyTorch

An outline of my keynote talk at JuliaCon.

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